Website DesignYou have a website but you haven’t really taken a look at it in quite a while. Are you wondering if it is keeping up with the competition?  It use to be that websites where all about graphics, flash and videos. Today, content is the key ingredient along with some other important features here is a list of 7 Must Have Items for Your Website. Check it out and see how yours compares.

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magnigying glass




You’re on the web.  Your mother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, son, who’s married to your first cousin does websites “on the side” and got your business “online”…..


Now what?

A few weeks, months, (even years?), go by and you don’t think anything about your website. Have you looked at your website lately?  Are there dated materials on your website?  And by the way did you ever think about who is looking at your website and what it means to your business?

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