Website DesignYou have a website but you haven’t really taken a look at it in quite a while. Are you wondering if it is keeping up with the competition?  It use to be that websites where all about graphics, flash and videos. Today, content is the key ingredient along with some other important features here is a list of 7 Must Have Items for Your Website. Check it out and see how yours compares.

  • Simple page layout and design – It should be a clear what the website is about and what the user should do.  The navigation should be organized and the user should not be easily lost.
  • Irresistible Offer- Make a big promise, something that will entice the reader to want to get in touch with you.
  • Great “Hook”  Headline – Your headline is the first thing the visitor sees and it should immediately grab the viewers attention.  It should make them want to keep reading.  Your headline leads into the rest of your story.
  • Contact Capture Process – “Email Form”  This gives the reader the option to contact you in a none threatening way.
  • Supporting Copy – Tells story of who you are, why you’re different from your competitors, describes the benefits of your product or services.  Give free tips or tricks related to your services.
  • Good Readability & Usability – Make sure the content is easy to read and there is a difference between the text and the background.  Black on white is ideal.  Make sure headings and subheadings stand out.   Content should be well organized.  All pages should have a consistent look and feel  and the navigation should be prominent and in the same place on every page.  Be sure there are not broken links.
  • Only provide one option for what user can do on the page as far as opting in  or making a purchase.  Too many options or links can be confusing to the reader.

Take a look at your website.  See how you stack up to these 7 must have items for your Website.

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