Website DesignI recently visited a restaurant in Galloway Township and thoroughly enjoyed my dish. Craving the dish as a take-out item but not remembering the  name of the dish, I googled their sight. SURPRISE!!!  No website…….only a listing with their phone number.

Imagine that…a restaurant, in 2014 New Jersey, that serves and delivers takeout food, has no website!   Now I don’t want to disparage the place, as a ‘restaurant’,  because the food is GREAT.  Although they’ve only been open a couple of years, they’ve established themselves as a very reliable place to dine.  The point here however is that they miss the opportunity to  grow their business on the internet.

The internet is the new phone book, and you have to be on it…… the average home has four internet connected devices.  The future of American business is in the palms of the hands of the population of the whole world in the form of ‘smartphones. We ‘google’ everything, from concert tickets, to weather, to pizza to when the bus will arrive.   And we get accurate information, quickly.

If a business in today’s America is to maximize their marketing opportunities, the internet is mandatory!

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