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You’re on the web.  Your mother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, son, who’s married to your first cousin does websites “on the side” and got your business “online”…..


Now what?

A few weeks, months, (even years?), go by and you don’t think anything about your website. Have you looked at your website lately?  Are there dated materials on your website?  And by the way did you ever think about who is looking at your website and what it means to your business?

Say you’re a contractor and you’re bidding on a big job.  Guess what?  The owners that called you have looked at your website.  They are judging your business based on the professionalism of what they’ve seen on your website.  If you have dated materials, an events page that hasn’t been updated, or old outdated photographs, you may be at a disadvantange!

A good solution would be to invest in a CMS (Content Management System) website,  which gives you the ability to manage your website on a daily basis, keeping your content fresh and ” in  the know”  It’s a fast paced world out there today, and you need to stay in the race.


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